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If someone has overdosed and has serious symptoms such as passing out or trouble breathing, call 911. Otherwise, call a poison control center right away. US residents can call their local poison control center at 1-800-222-1222.


Buy DSUVIA Online

Buy DSUVIA Online is a drug use for the administration of intense agony. Sufficiently extreme to require a narcotic pain relieving and for which elective medicines are lacking, in grown-ups. DSUVIA is for use in a guaranteed medicinally managed social insurance setting, for example, clinics, careful focuses, and crisis offices.

In some cases sold under the brand names sufentanil and Sufenta, is an engineered narcotic pain relieving drug roughly 5 to multiple times as powerful as its parent medication, fentanyl, and multiple times as strong as morphine. Basically, sufentanil contrasts from fentanyl through the expansion of a methoxymethyl bunch on the piperidine ring (which is accepted to diminish term of activity, and the substitution of the phenyl ring by thiophene. If first was blend at Janssen Pharmaceutica in 1974

Sufentanil is advertised for use by pro centersunder diverse exchange names, for example, Sufenta and Sufentil. Sufentanil with and without lidocaine or mepivacaine is accessible as a transdermal fix like Duragesic in Europe under exchange names, for example, Chronogesic. It is accessible as a sublingual tablet under the exchange name Dsuvia.

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For use in grown-ups in an ensured medicinally administered social insurance setting (eg, clinics, careful focuses, crisis divisions) for the administration of intense agony sufficiently serious to require a narcotic pain relieving and for which elective medications are lacking.

Constraints of Use:

Not for home use or for kids; stop treatment before leaving regulated medicinal services setting. Not for use >72hrs. Just for organization by human services supplier. Save for use in patients for whom elective choices have not been or are not expected to be endure. Or have not or are not expecte to give sufficient absense of pain.


Try not to bite or swallow tab. Abstain from eating, drinking, talking for 10mins after portion. Manage by means of single-portion instrument by medicinal services supplier. 30mcg SL varying with ≥1hr between portions; max 12 tabs in 24hrs. Max combined every day portion: 360mcg (12 tabs).


The primary utilization of this medicine is in working suites and basic consideration where help with discomfort is required for a brief timeframe. It likewise offers properties of sedation and this makes it a decent pain relieving part of sedative routine during an activity. Buy DSUVIA Online

As a result of its amazingly high strength, it is regularly utilize in medical procedure and post-employable torment the executives for patients . That are vigorously narcotic ward/narcotic tolerant in light of long haul sedative use for constant agony or illegal sedative use. At present sufentanil is the most strong narcotic painkiller accessible for use in people. Albeit progressively intense opiate torment meds do exist, all drugs more volatile than sufentanil are for veterinary utilize as it were. It is likewise utilize in medical procedure and post employable agony control in patients that are taking high portion buprenorphine for incessant torment . Since it is the main narcotic that has a power and restricting proclivity sufficiently able to uproot buprenorphine from the narcotic receptors in the focal sensory system and give absense of pain.

In 2018, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) affirmed Dsuvia, a sublingual tablet type of the medication. Created in a coordinated effort between AcelRx Pharmaceuticals and the United States Department of Defense . For use in combat zone settings where intravenous (IV) medicines may not be promptly accessible. The choice to support this new strong manufactured narcotic went under analysis from legislators and from the seat of the FDA warning panel. Who dread that the tablets will be handily occupied to the illicit medication advertise.


  • Significant respiratory depression
    Severe Acute Pain
    Indicated for severe acute pain for which alternative treatments are inadequate
    30 mcg SL as needed with a minimum of 1 hr between doses
    Not to exceed 360 mcg (12 tablets) daily

Buy DSUVIA Online


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